Monday, February 25, 2013

Swatches: Disney by Sephora's Jasmine Storylook Palette Vol. 2

Hands down my favorite Disney movie is Aladdin.  The only close competition is Hercules but Aladdin pretty much runs away with it.  Therefore, by association, Jasmine is far and away my favorite Disney princess.  She's strong and stands up for what she believes in.  Plus, having a tiger for a pet is pretty badass.  Then again, Abu was pretty badass too, but that's another story.

Needless to say that when I got the e-mail saying that VIB's got early access to purchasing this palette (thank you makeup addiction!), I was excited to be One Jump Ahead (see what I did there?!) of everyone else and snatch this baby up!!  So without further adieu, I bring you Jasmine Storylook Palette Vol. 2:  The Swatches!

 The palette comes in a beautiful, shiny box that is eye-catching in-and-of itself.

Can we just take a minute to talk about how freaking adorable that barcode is?  With the Genie coming out?  Are you kidding me?!  I can't even handle it.  And PS - the little previews of the colors in the little lamps don't even begin to do the real thing justice.  Not one bit.

So then we open up the box and pull out the palette.  Hellooo beautiful.

  How stunning is this!?  The lattice work on the front is stuck on there pretty good so no need to worry about it peeling up or anything.  The case itself is pretty sturdy and heavy duty and is the same size as the Cinderella palette.

I see you Magic Carpet!

The little tassel pull is a nice touch!

Now for the pretty...

Unlike the Cinderella palette that comes with 20 eyeshadows, in the Jasmine palette you get 15 eyeshadows, a blush and a bronzer.  The creators really picked up on the jewel tones, and if you're interested in seeing exactly where they pulled their inspiration from, you can go to the Animation Artistry page of the Jasmine product page on Sephora's website.  They have screen shots of the exact scenes they pulled the colors from, which I think is a neat idea!  But enough of me talking, you came here for swatches, right?!  All the eyeshadows were swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion.  The blush and bronzer were swatched on bare skin.

Left to Right:  Blue Oasis, Trust Me, Abu, Ali Ababwa, Sultana

I had trouble with Blue Oasis showing up on me.  I initially was trying to swatch the eyeshadows on bare skin but I had thought maybe the lighter shades would benefit from a primer.  In person it shows up only slightly better than the photo, and Ali Ababwa didn't show up on my skin at all, primer or no primer.  If you have darker skin then maybe it will, but regardless it's good to use as a base color to help the others blend out.  The other three were beautifully pigmented, and as was the case with the Cinderella palette, all the shadows are silkly soft and a dream to put on your skin.

Left to Right:  Friend Like Me, Master, Cosmic, Cave of Wonders, Sand in the Glass

I love all these colors.  Purples scare me because they always look so beautiful in the pan and then when you go to swatch them the color just magically disappears.  I was SO happy that this wasn't the case with this one!  I don't know that it's necessarily exactly the same color as in the pan but it's still beautiful.  Cave of Wonders is pretty amazing, too.  And Cosmic pretty much punches you in the face with its shimmer and shine.  Stunning all around!

Left to Right:  Lapis, Mystical Wonder, Rajah, Arabian Sunset, Bazaar

I ran out of room on my hand and I'm not sure that I spread my primer that far (plus my knuckles hate me in the winter regardless of the amount of lotion I put on), but believe me when I say it's pigmented!  And Arabian Nights.  This color is STUNNING in person.  I couldn't get it to photograph as well as it looked on my hand but it is beautiful.  I was excited for yet another purple that didn't let me down, and I surely won't ignore the lovely blue and orange you get in there!

Top:  Thrilling Chase; Bottom:  Golden Sands
So Golden Sands is supposed to be a bronzer but there is a whole lot of shimmer going on there.  It won't be the best bronzer to contour with since it won't help you at all in that regard, but in the summer it will be beautiful to add some color and glow to your skin.  Thrilling Chase also has some sparkle to it and does come out pretty dark.  A light hand would probably be beneficial with this color.

All in all, I love this.  When I knew the second collection was going to be Jasmine, I was excited and nervous because I would obviously want to like this one the most.  I can't say that I was let down!  I want pretty much everything in the collection but I'm holding myself to just this since I think it's the piece that stands out the most.  Plus, as with the Cinderella palette, the eyeshadow comes out so you can use the box as a jewelery box or storage or whatever your heart desires!

I'm so excited to actually start using this!  Once I get my eyebrows done on Friday I'll be sure to share some looks.  My brows are far too jacked up at the moment to be showing to the beauty community lol