Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Birchbox and ipsy Goodies!

Ugh, so this has been a long time in the making.  Usually I end up getting these both on the same day so everything works out well, but I got my Birchbox early last week and then got my ipsy bag just today so I can finally do this!  Although I feel like the universe is against me because as I was taking pictures my camera died, so I took pictures with my iPhone, only to remember afterwards that I have no cable to connect to my computer to get them because my cat has been eating them (*anger*) so then I had to figure out this whole iCloud thing.  But I digress...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Walgreens Haul/Swatches & Other Things!

So this will probably be one of the last large hauls I do since I will be moving out into the world on February 1.  I'm excited but terrified at the same time, and I know I'll have to spend my money more practically.  But I was driving by Walgreens on my way home today and couldn't stay away!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: Physicians Formula Super BB All-In-1 Beauty Balm Powder (Updated!!)

As mentioned in my last post, I was looking to try the new BB Powder to set and blend out the BB Cream by Physicians Formula since the color was a little dark for my skin.  I got the same shade (light/medium) over the weekend and have been wearing it every day since I got it.

I find that it definitely does help with evening out the neck/chest, but if you're trying to use it for the same reason as I am, I would advise to use it with a light hand on the face because you are going to end up making it darker if you add a lot. 

As far as the formula goes, it seems that when paired with the cream it makes the skin look very dewey, which looks really nice on my normal skin.  The powder itself looks very shimmery in the pan, but when applied to the skin it just adds a nice, subtle glow.  I was nervous that I was going to look like a disco ball since I was putting it all over but it ended up looking really nice.  When used by itself the glow is little-to-none.  This might be a product to stay away from if you have oily skin though since it does contain shimmer in the formula.

I have worn this product on its own once.  The coverage is very light.  For me, it worked well since I don't have too much to cover up (light circles under my eyes and a little redness around my nose).  If you have problem skin, very dark circles or major discoloration this probably won't provide enough coverage for you on its own.

Overall, I think that paired with the cream this is a good product.  If I was looking to wear it on its own I probably wouldn't love it as much but I love the finish it gives on my skin. 

EDIT 05/13/2013:

I was rebrowsing through these posts and remembered that I didn't really give this product a very favorable review.  As luck would have it, this product is now one of my absolute favorite powders.  During the week I try to keep my makeup routine as easy and light as possible and this powder is what I reach for pretty much every day.  It gives good coverage, even over problem areas and blemishes when using a flatter brush (foundation, concealer, etc.).  It also helps to give my fair skin some color, so if you're like me just be sure to blend the powder down your neck and chest so you don't have a color discrepency. 

I guess I just rushed to judge this stuff but it is totally a steal at the price point it's at!  I highly recommend!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Physicians Formula Super BB All-In-1 Beauty Cream Review

I was so happy to stumble upon this the other day at Rite Aid!  I knew it was coming out but I feel that generally, it tends to take a little longer to get the new cosmetic collections in my neck of the woods.  I saw it and snatched it right up! 

In general, I tend to have a higher expectation for products by Physicians Formula.  Maybe it's because they have one of the higher price-points in the drug store makeup world, and truthfully, I don't think I've been let down too many times.  This was no exception!  I'm absolutely loving this stuff.  I got the shade Light/Medium (it only comes in two shades, with the other shade being Medium/Deep).  I have NW20-ish skin and the color is a bit darker on me, but I can lighten it up a bit with powder.  I do want to grab the matching powder from this line though to see if I can even it out on my chest so it all blends nicely.

The coverage is wonderful and it is definitely buildable.  Obviously, the more you use, the darker the color, and a little goes a very long way.  I put on way too much the first two times and it was way too dark on my skin.  I got it figured out the third time.  I also find that it works best to put it on with your hands as opposed to a foundation brush, which I did try initially.  I think maybe since it does have moisturizing components, the warmth helps it melt into the skin a little better for a more flawless look.  It's great for everyday wear as I find myself not really needing to put any additional concealer on, which is fantastic since I always seem to be running late in the morning.  I have a little redness around my nose and semi-dark circles under my eyes.  I find that this does a great job in covering them up and doesn't need any extra help.  As mentioned, the product can be built up to cover the areas I have issues with.  I only feel like I need to build up just a bit extra around my nose, but my undereyes are covered quite well with just one "coat". 

At the moment, I'm using the Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Fair (which I also L.O.V.E. LOVE!!!)  to set but I'm probably going to try to pick up the BB All-In-1 Beauty Balm Powder that goes with the cream this weekend to see if it makes any sort of difference.  There is a concealer with this line but personally, I don't really see a need for it given the coverage the BB Cream provides (plus, and I'm just throwing this out there, if it truly is a BB Cream in the Asian meaning of BB Cream, you probably shouldn't need a concealer anyway). 

As for wear, I find that it lasts on my normal skin all day.  When I take my makeup off at night, the wipe is covered in the color and I don't see any patchiness throughout the day.  My skin feels amazingly soft after application, although I must admit that, out of sheer paranoia, I still use a moisturizer underneath (I've had horrible experiences when I stray from it that I break out for MONTHS until my tride-and-true Aveeno Clear Complexion gets everything back in order).  I feel like I can tell a difference in my skin's texture and it definitely does feel softer than usual.

Overall, I definitely think this is worth a try.  I've tried several other drugstore brand BB Creams and haven't been too impressed but I'm really enjoying this one.  Sorry I don't have any pictures to show before and after!  Have you tried it?  Let me know what you think!