Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Crafts!

Oh well hello there.  Long time, no blog!  Life has been a busy thing.  But now it's Christmas time and I've been crafting away!  Since most of the things I crafted were gifts, I couldn't share them until they were given.  Now that they are I can't wait to show you guys what I made!

This wreath I made for my boyfriend's Dad and StepMom.  I used red, white and green tulle as a base.  I used the green behind a layer of white so it lessens the intensity since the only green tulle I can ever seem to find around here is lime green.  I got the candy canes at Target and the bow at JoAnn Fabrics!

I am in love with this!  This one was made for my boyfriend's sister and her husband.  They almost didn't get it though since it almost stayed in my house lol The bulbs are all shatterproof (read plastic), and I used this tutorial to make it, which wasn't nearly as tedious as I thought it was going to be.  The ornaments are from CVS, the garland is from Target and the bow is another one from Joann's.  My mom and I loved this so much that we ended up making another one the next night!

What I especially love about this set is that it mixes the glitter ornaments and the regular, shiny type ornaments, and then ties them all together with the cute striped ornament.  Such an adorable set!  This bow I believe my Mom picked up at Wegman's since when I went back to Joann's, no red bows were to be found anywhere in that store!

Next, I saw a tutorial last year right before Christmas that used nail polish and plain, clear glass ornaments.  You would just simply pour the nail polish in the ornament and swish it around so that it covers the inside, and then let them dry overnight upside down over a cup.  I made these for my boyfriend's brother and his family and love how they turned out!

This is Sally Hansen's Celeb City.  I found the Sally Hansen nail polishes a little tough to work with.  The formula is thicker so when you drop it in there it doesn't move very much.  You end up using quite a lot.

This one is OPI's Golden Rules!.  This one probably my favorite one.  It is absolutely stunning in person.  Such a true gold!  Plus, the OPI nail polishes were a dream to work with.  They're thinner so you don't have to use as much and they move around the inside with such ease.  Obviously they're at a higher price point but I have so many nail polishes so using up a little of one isn't going to hurt lol

This is OPI's Don't Toy With Me!.

This one is NYX's Enchanted Forest.  This is another one that used up a lot of polish.  I'm not sure if it's because the entire polish is made of glitter or if all of the NYX polishes would be difficult, but the work was absolutely worth it.  The camera cannot possibly capture the beauty of this polish!

This is Sally Hansen's All Aglow.  This one I used the entire bottle of polish.  I had used this polish once on my nails so it was pretty full.  That is just an example of how tough it is to work with this!

Then there was this one... sigh.  I first used Wet N Wild's Party of Five Glitters.  The polish is just large pieces of glitter with no base color so I wanted to give it a little something extra.  I should have let it dry overnight before adding another color.  I added China Glaze's Haunting right away and it looked absolutely stunning.  But then is started to run.  You can even kind of see in the picture that it becomes a little transparent.  It all ran into the cup so I tried to pour it back in and save it but there was no saving it.  I was super bummed.  Lesson learned.

This is part craft, mostly not.  I've taken to faking calligraphy and wanted to make up something to put in the foyer of the house.  Elf is my favorite Christmas movie ever so I used "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear".  I found a frame I had laying around and colored most of it with a golf leaf pen.  It came out quite beautiful if I do say so myself!  Then I found the hurricane vase at Target.  It's a little hard to tell but it's a gradient of gold to bronze with some glitter and shimmer.  Then I grabbed a $5 kit of mini ornaments and filled the vase with it (I cheated a put a can of soup in the bottom because they would only fill half the vase).  Then my Mom added her brass reindeer and angel to tie it all together.  I love how it looks!

And last but not least, I attempted to dress my kitten Macaroni for Christmas.  I saw this adorable little snowman outfit at Target that had a top hat and a little bib.  Well, the bib was a little too small for Macaroni's big ol' neck, but I got her in the hat!  And she hated every minute of it.

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!  I still have a couple more things up my sleeve so I might be back before then!