Thursday, September 13, 2012

Target Fashion Haul

 I love shopping for clothes at Target.  Nine times out of ten when someone asks me where I got a cute dress, I got it at Target.  I am a huge Target whore!  To add extra excitement, Fall is my favorite season.  I love sweaters and tights and boots (which actually fit over my calves this year!!!  Yay for losing weight!!).  I just love being cozy.  Last week I took a trip to Target for totally un-clothes related things and ended up coming out with more clothes than what I actually came for.  Oh well, these things happen...

I'll go from boring to fun.  Here's just a couple basic long sleeve t-shirts... Nothing too exciting.

Next up are my first pairs of skinny jeans!!  I tried on one pair just for kicks but it turned out that I loved them and they actually looked good on me so I bought two pairs.  The first is Xhilaration and are black with some pleather(?) detailing down the sides and around the pockets.

And the next pair are by Denizen, which is a sub-company of Levi's and are body shaping (read: stretchy) and fit wonderfully!  They have a little detail on the back pockets that I couldn't get a good picture of to save my life.

I've seen these skirts before but never tried them on.  I don't know why I decided to this time but I love this!  This is also by Xhilaration.
I adore the zipper detail on that!!

And now for the dresses, which I love, love, love!!!

This one is by Xhilaration also.  I almost didn't try it on because I wasn't loving the print on it, but it grew on me after a couple walk bys and I'm so glad that it did because I think it might be one of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe now.
Having the black along the sides really helps to emphasize my figure and the print is just adorable.  This is especially great because with how busy it is I barely have to accessorize (I only wore earrings since I think anything around the neck/wrist would just get lost anyway).  I wore this dress the day after I bought it and got a ton of compliments on it!

And the next dress I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.  Love the color, love the style, love it all!

I thought the pocket detail was super cute (it would appear I'm a sucker for pocket detail!) and I love anything with a belted waist.  This is great to rock alone but I'm going to try to find a blazer or cardigan to wear with it since it's starting to get chilly(!!!!!) and I'm going to need some sleeves.
Macaroni approves!

And last but not least I got a cute set of earrings!
And that about does it!  I'm hoping to get back there at some point to get a couple more pieces that I saw so I will be sure to post them up if I do!