Wednesday, September 12, 2012

More Wreaths!

I meant to make this post so much sooner but I ended up having a pretty busy/tiring weekend!  Saturday we had a wrestling show in Lewistown, PA for Central Pennsylvania Wrestling where I ring announced.  We had a great crowd and featured ECW and WWE alumni Tommy Dreamer and Sandman.  It was a great show and a ton of fun as always!  On Sunday we drove down to Baltimore for Baltimore Comic Con.  I got a couple things but didn't go too crazy but we had a good time!  I love seeing all the art and the costumes!

I just wanted to post a couple new wreaths that I had whipped up.  This has grown into my new obsession!  They're so fun to make.  The worst part is cutting the tulle but I think I'm just going to designate days to cut tulle so I don't have to do it every time I go to make a wreath.  I have a couple more on my list and a bunch more in mind that I want to make so I'll be keeping the posts coming to show you guys what I come up with!

First up is the one I made for one of my best friends, Ashley.  She just bought her first house so I wanted to give her a little housewarming gift!  It worked out that it's the fall because for some reason I always associate sunflowers with her lol

I did a pattern of red, gold and brown tulle and then hot glued the sunflowers inside.  I love that the flowers were red-tinted.  I feel like that really adds to the fall feel instead of being the bright yellow ones that I would associate more with summer.  I think it came out super cute and will be good to display all throughout the fall!

This one I really loved.  I had such a vision for this wreath and it ended up turning out pretty close to what I wanted it to be.

For the tulle base I did a pattern of black and then one black with green behind it.  The only green I could find was a lighter green and I didn't want that overtaking the wreath so the black helped mute it a little bit.  The branches were cut down and hot glued into the base and the raven was attached with wire and hot glue to stabilize it.  Then I just stretched out some fake spider webbing throughout the branches to top off the creepy look!  This is now hanging on my boyfriend's front door so I'm hoping it survives lol

That's it for the wreaths.  My next post I'm hoping to have up tomorrow and is a recap of my shopping trip to Target!  I found some great pieces there that I'm in love with.  I just love Target so, so much.

My helper <3