Wednesday, September 19, 2012

e.l.f. Villainous Villains Makeup Sets Photos & Swatches

Since I saw a post on Nouveau Cheap telling me that e.l.f. was releasing three limited edition Disney Villains makeup sets I was bound and determined to find them.  They are only available at Walgreens and when I used the "Find A Store" function on the e.l.f. website, no Walgreens in my immediate area came up.  I went to a couple anyway with no luck.  Today I had to go over to Pennsylvania to get my car serviced so since I took the day off from work I headed out a little early to hit up a couple of the Walgreens over the bridge.  The first one didn't have any but the second one had all three!  I was so excitied!  So without further ado, here are the photos and swatches!

First up is the Sinister Smoky Eye kit featuring Maleficent.

The set up for all three is the same:  On the left side is a mirror that when you flip open has a lookbook with a day look and a night look.  On the right side is the makeup, which consists of one pair of false eyelashes, eyelash glue, eight eyeshadows, eyeshadow primer, liquid eyeliner and two lip & cheek colors.

As you can see the eyeshadow color names are based on the villain that the kit is for.  I love that the lookbook is half a regular person and half the villain also.  I think that's such a great touch!  And now for swatches:

Left to right:  Spindle, Sceptre, Fog of Doom, Fauna

Left to right:  Misfortune, Forest of Thorns, Deep Sleep, Diablo

These are swatched without primer and I think that primer will probably help the pigmentation of some of these.  They all have a soft texture with some of the glittery ones having more fallout than the others.  Fog of Doom really disappointed me because it is a beautiful color in the pan.  I'm really hoping with some primer and build up it will look better.

Left to right:  Day Lip & Cheek Color, Night Lip & Cheek color, Glitter Eyeliner

The lip & cheek colors, as you can see from the photo showing the entire set, are small pencils that look like lip liners.  I didn't try blending them out at all but I'm not so sure that I would use them on my cheeks.  They are very pretty colors though that I'm excited to give a try on my lips.  They were very easy and soft to apply, but to be fair, they had also been sitting in my car for about an hour and it is a bit warm so I'm not sure if the real texture is soft or if they just got a little melted.  And then if you can just barely see it on the right, the eyeliner that came with this kit is a glitter liner.  The base is clear and just has little chunks of glitter.

Now for the Devious Dramatic Eyes set featuring Evil Queen:

Left to Right:  One Bite, Vanity, Narcissistic, Potion
I'm very fair so it is a bit hard to see these colors on me but One Bite is a shimmery pale yellow, Vanity is a skin tone color and Narcissistic is a light, slightly shimmery lavender.

Left to Right:  Fairest of the Land, Majesty, Peddler's Cloak, Poison Apple

I can't wait to use these colors with a primer.  Majesty is beautiful and I'm really hoping it works better with a primer as it was a little on the chalky side.  Both Majesty and Peddler's Cloak had a bit of fallout, the latter due to the glitter.

Left to Right:  Day Lip & Cheek Color, Night Lip & Cheek Color, Liquid Eyeliner
As you can see, in this set you get a black liquid liner instead of a glitter liner.

And finally, Everyday Eyes set featuring Cruella DeVille:

Left to Right:  Puppy Love, Coat of Dreams, Cruelty, Sewage

Again, sorry for my paleness, although I'm sure that the fact that you can't see the shadow at all will probably speak to the quality of the shadow but I'll hold off any opinions until I properly wear it.  Puppy Love is another skin-tone color and is the first one you can barely see.

Left to Right:  Spotted, Maniac, Little Beasts, Extinction

Left to Right:  Day Lip & Cheek Color, Night Lip & Cheek Color, Liquid Eyeliner

Overall I think these are fun sets to pick up.  If you're anything like me and grew up on Disney, you might be just as much of a sucker for these things as I am.  I couldn't not buy anything from the MAC Villain collection a few years ago, and with a price point of only $10 a piece these are a steal!  The tough part is actually finding them.  You can start by using the store locator on the e.l.f. site to find stores that should be selling their products.  Then if you don't feel like walking in and out of a million stores with your hopes in the gutter like me you can instead call and see if they have them.