Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh, well hello there!


Welcome to Something To Blog About, my blog where I will post about, well, anything.  Makeup is my first love and may or may not end up being a big focus.  I also have a notion to start being more crafty so hopefully I can share some of my successes and, more likely, failures with you!  I also love my kitten, Macaroni, so yeah, there's probably going to be a lot of her too!  

I'm involved in the crazy world of Professional Wrestling on the most minor of minor scales lol I'm a ring announcer as well as valet/manager in two companies in Pennsylvania.  

I have what most would probably call an unhealthy obsession with Hello Kitty.  I have a sizable collection of all sorts of stuff that I always want to photograph piece-by-piece so maybe I'll do that someday.

Soooo yeah, that's me.  I'll be back with something more concrete soon!

xo Katie